Injuries happen, and they happen to some more often/severely then others. None the less an injury is an injury and they have more then physical impacts on us. Thankfully in the 21st century most people are aware that sports are as mental as they are physical, therefore an injury will affect our mental state as much if not more than our physical body. And the question is how long after our physical body has healed do we harbor these mental injuries? 

Have you ever felt: anxious, hesitant, or fearful post injury when you encounter a situation similar to the one in which you got injured? Who hasn't. This is your mental body interfering with the physical, saying 'what if 'it' (injury) happens again?'. Your injury has left a mental scar that runs much deeper than the skin level. There is nothing to be ashamed of here, anyone who's experienced an injury, then gone on to do that same activity again has felt this, though maybe you weren't aware of it. Over time if you continue to be active without re-injury this mental anxiety, hesitation or fear to such situations will diminish, but like a physical scar will always be there.

Think about a time when you were injured and how you felt when you got back into action, how did it make you feel mentally? Physically? Were you able to continue with the activity, or did you stop? Have you ever put yourself in the same situation since then? If so how did it make you feel?

So get back up and do what you love to do, but sometimes it's a great idea to also be aware of what your body AND mind are telling you. When you should continue, and when you need more time to heal whether it be physically or mentally prior to getting back out there.

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