Skipping, Singing and Swinging

What do these three activities have in common? You partake in them as a child, and they typically correlate with good times.

Skipping: Lately, on my walks with my dog I've found myself engaging in the school yard activity of skipping. I dare you to go outside and skip without laughing; it's impossible. Seriously even in college when we skipped as part of our pre-sprinting dynamic warm-up it put a smile on my face. Now a days I thoroughly enjoy skipping for the sake of skipping, and I've found myself doing it more and more because it makes me happy. Typically when someone catches me skipping, either they're in shock and stare or they too smile. Word to the wise, skipping is contagious those around you just might join in and you'll all be forced to laugh and have fun.

Singing: I have always loved to sing, and do so loudly and proudly, mainly as solos performed at my house and in my car. Singing is an outlet for emotions, and words unsaid; it is a way to express yourself at your most vulnerable. Words put to music are more than just words, they are poems and stories, that convey experiences that one day the listener either will or will not relate to. These words put to music can have massive emotional ties to the goods times and the not so good times. But I could go on and on about music, I love it. I surround myself with music that portrays my current mood, and I love to sing along, even if I don't always know the words; that's what humming and whistling are for.

Swinging: I feel that this is a lost art. Honestly, other than the spontaneous late night swing sessions in college, who after junior high school gets on a swing? Today I was at the park with my dog and out of boredom with throwing the tennis ball and sheer curiosity I jumped on a swing. I was immediately smiling from ear to ear as I pumped higher and higher. It brought me back to the swing set I grew up on with my brother and sister. I anticipated the centripetal acceleration on the down side and giggled as the chains slacked then caught on the up. I seriously swung for 5 minutes and it was great!

The pure enjoyment and happiness brought by skipping, singing and swinging could quite possibly cure depression, or at least a bad day. So the next time you're feeling down go out and skip, sing or swing. It will make you smile or at the least laugh; at yourself.