Arm Balances Anyone?

Photo By:JPenacoli 

Have you ever been at a party watching people do silly tricks showing off their often odd talents? Well now you can learn your own party trick, and maybe a little bit of inner balance while you're at it.

This is Bakasana (aka crow). First find yourself in an area without any sharp objects within rolling distance. Then come into a squatting position, big toes touching, knees flaring wide. Place your hands shoulder distance apart on the mat / floor. Piking up your hips bending into your elbows place your knees on the outside of your triceps (ideally put them up in your armpits). Hugging your knees into your arms engaging your core, rock your upper body forward starting the titter totter effect. Lift one foot at a time, and if you are able to get both feet off the ground keep that hugging into center with the legs and core.

Practice this a few times prior bringing this to your next gathering. And if you want a standing ovation practice chutting your legs back into Chaturanga.   ENJOY!


Some Yoga Comedy

OK, so lately the winter blues has been floating around town. As laughter is always the best medicine I thought that everyone would enjoy this short video:  http://bit.ly/9mXeSb