Ode to the MAT

Tonight yoga reminded me that no matter what is happening in life, my mat is constant. It is a place where walls disintegrate, and I can simply be me.  The mat will always be there when I'm ready; encouraging me to find me. It's comforting to roll out, and step on to, a familiar mat. It allows the mind to quiet with an exhale and invigorates the soul with an inhale. A good mat always provides stability and support.

Ode to the yoga mat on which I've laughed, cried, sworn and sweat. At home or hotel, on mountains or in the desert, here's to you yoga mat that doesn't judge or play devils advocate; it simply is. And simply being can be the best companion.

I encourage you to roll out your mat in good times and in bad, to practice in sickness and in health and care for it to the end of its days. Namaste

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